Falkon is known for its ability to quickly size up an environment, pinpoint the greatest opportunity, and then move quickly and effectively to achieve its goal. That's the type of attitude and approach you'll find with the team members of Falkon Technologies.

above and beyond

Falkon Technologies is a comprehensive technology consulting firm that offers a complete spectrum of technology solutions from front-end strategic creative web development to back-end custom application, database development and infrastructure support services.
For over a decade, Falkon has built a reputation as going above and beyond for our clients in both the technology and service we provide. If you're ready to see what IT can really do for your business, call Falkon and let us make technology work harder and smarter for you. Based in the Dallas metroplex our team supports clients locally and throughout the United States. While we offer a wide range of solutions our top specialty is creating advanced data driven web applications using the Microsoft .Net platform with SQL Server back end databases.
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