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Services Provided:
  • iOS/Android App Development
  • Administrative Portal
  • Website Development
  • Branding
  • API Integrations
  • Email Setup and Support
  • UI/UX Strategy and Design
  • Ongoing Support & Maintenance

Cosee is an iOS, Android, and desktop aesthetic planner app that lets you easily plan and organize your home and landscape projects while seamlessly collaborating with every contractor, designer, and team member. Cosee lets you quickly upload and tag images from anywhere (desktop or mobile), create mood boards, and export a full project spec sheet in a single tap that keeps everyone on the same page. Its collaboration made easier than ever before.

Project Goals

  • Improve the home project planning process’ organization and efficiency
  • Fix all existing bugs for a better user experience
  • Maintain and grow user retention

The Challenge

Cosee creator, Kristina Leigh, is an architectural designer and noticed people on her projects were struggling with finding photos on their phones, especially when it comes to home construction projects. With so many platforms to save photos and information these days, things got lost, and people end up searching through 3-4 different apps to find everything. The designers and builders also struggle with not remembering which platform that their clients sent them information on – Was it through a text, email, or DM, and on which social media app? One efficient and effective hub did not exist to store all the information and collaborate easily.

Initially, the app was built under a different name by a different company, but it was a struggle to control numerous bugs and quirks of the app, forcing many users to abandon the app, so Falkon Technologies stepped in to re-build the app.

cosee app examples

Our Solution

Once Falkon was in control of re-building the app, we first examined the current UX/UI, which showed us it really wasn’t too bad to begin with, but the app could be better served with a new name and brand.

Branding: After numerous brainstorming and branding sessions, we renamed the app Cosee, standing for: capture, organize, share, everything, everywhere. It also has a double meaning, representing a place where people can come and see everything they need, all in one place. We also designed the logo and full branding.

cosee web version on a monitor

UI: A significant part of this app is being able to add photos and create mood boards for your projects. We wanted to keep a simplistic interface so it would not compete with the users’ photos. We stuck to black, white, and grey as the primary colors, ensuring that any photos the user added would be the star of the show since they would be the only color in the app.

Base Features: Falkon developed Cosee to come in 4 levels of account tiers, starting with a free account, and up to a Premium account for businesses who need to run multiple projects at once with a large team. All Cosee accounts have access to be able to quickly upload and tag images from anywhere, create mood boards, and export a full project spec sheet. We also developed Cosee to integrate seamlessly between devices, on or off Wi-Fi, so users can work on projects from anywhere.

cosee app showing on 3 phones grouped together

Upgraded Features: With paid plans, users are able to create more projects, invite unlimited collaborators, customize Cosee to their own logo, and have access to Cosee’s image background removal tool within the mood board feature. This tool lets users easily toggle on and off the background to any photo to a very detailed degree, giving you a transparent image that can be stacked and arranged to create the perfect mood board for their project. Falkon set it up to where all paid plans were integrated with Stripe to ensure a secure transaction.

cosee app on phone on a table
cosee on various devices
cosee on various devices

Website Design and Development: Falkon also designed and developed the website to help drive traffic to the app and provide information about the app.

Administrative Portal: Falkon developed an administrative portal for Cosee staff to go in and manage users and view any messages sent from within the app.

The Outcome

Cosee is available to download from the App store and Google Play and also works on any desktop computer. Falkon was able to mitigate all the past bugs and improve the UX, which allows users to be more efficient in their home project planning. Falkon is currently developing Phase 2, which will include dozens of new features!

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This app and this whole concept is a game changer. Forget the build books! Best tool out there for communication on the go with clients, contractors and designers!

Cosee User via App Store

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The Cosee app was the Platinum Winner for the 2023 Best Mobile App, October 2023 from Best Mobile App Awards. The Cosee website won the 2023 American Digital Design Award from Graphic Design USA. The website also won 3 awards from CSS Design Awards: Best UX Design, Best UI Design, and Best Innovation.

cosee CSS Design Awards
cosee CSS Design Awards
cosee CSS Design Awards
cosee CSS Design Awards
cosee CSS Design Awards

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