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Services Provided
  • Software Development
  • Managed IT Services
  • Mobile App
  • IT Consulting
  • Database Management
  • UI/UX Design Support
  • API Integration
  • Ongoing Technical Support

Rank One offers a comprehensive set of management features to meet your school’s athletic and fine arts needs. Falkon has helped them build a comprehensive suite of features designed to meet each school’s departmental needs including the ability to organize rosters and schedules, communicate with students and health experts, document and track injuries and performance, as well as e-commerce abilities.

The Challenge

Rank One came to Falkon in 2007 after an overseas company built their website with sub-par standards, a less than appealing interface, and missing details. At the time they also had no API and no app. Rank One came to Falkon with the request to develop a better software with API integration and a more user-friendly interface, as well as a way to better manage their databases.

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Our Solution

Falkon held an initial discovery session with Rank One to generate a list of requirements as well as their pain points we wanted to ensure were fixed in the new software.

We rebuilt the platform on a newer technology (asp.net) which allowed us to use a full sql database which stores all holds data for all students, scheduling, equipment, and admin/users for better security and storage.

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During the re-build we redesigned and reorganized certain aspects to provide a better user experience and more intuitive process. A large part of Rank One’s success comes from their online forms portal. This allows parents to fill out all athletics/fine arts forms to make their kids eligible. This process used to be asking parents to complete a stack of paper forms which could easily be lost or forgotten, and was a pain for the school to input the data quickly and accurately. With these new online forms, each school district can customize their forms to include all necessary information, data is stored automatically, and to top it off, each district can design the page according to their school/brand guidelines.

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Falkon developed a mobile app with the ability for parents to be able to register their kids for athletics, fill out forms, see eligibility, download forms, see schedules, and review messages from coaches. The other side of the app allowed coaches to manage students and rosters, set schedules, view and send messages, and manage student injuries and treatments. The app includes setting the option of receiving a secure notification when a schedule changes or you receive new messages. Another aspect of the app is the health chat feature which allows the coaches to message back and forth with doctors about student injuries in real-time.

Falkon also integrated multiple API’s to save time and eliminate hassles for parents and coaches while also providing secure access to their data from all districts, all across the country.

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The Outcome

The new website allowed districts to fully customize their site aesthetic, form fields, and even include custom pages that they can build themselves, making it much easier for districts to get students signed up in a timely manner.

We significantly improved security and ease of use by integrating API’s and turning a dated paper forms process into a streamlined online process.

The app helped parents and coaches be more efficient in scheduling their time, turning in forms, and improving overall communication. Since app launch, Rank One has seen immense growth and exposure – going from around 100 schools to now upwards of 800+ districts using Rank One’s services.

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